Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Health Care

For what it is worth and since I am not in the public eye, probably not much, here are my thoughts on the health care debate...

1. I believe we do have a broken system. This statement is not to say that things are horrible today, but I do see that we have a system that at some point in the future will not be able to be afforded by those other than the financially independent.
2. I believe that if we do not prioritize prevention and early detection of cancer and heart disease, we will continue to lose those close to us earlier than we should.
3. I believe that no one should be turned down because of a preexisting condition. Life could be considered a preexisting condition.
4. As controversial as it is, I believe we must address the illegal immigration issue in regards to health care. I do not intend to sound callus, but we have immigration laws for a reason. We can not continue to fund a system that rewards illegal behavior, and paying higher premiums to cover the costs of those here illegally, is systematically unsustainable.
5. I believe care should not be mandatory. I believe someone should be able to opt out, but there should be a cost to opting out. That cost should be directly related to care available and what is lost by opting out, such as preventative care access, prescription access, specialist access and non life threatening care access. Also there should be no credit protections for those that opt out.
6. Children should be able to receive treatment regardless of the parents decision to opt in or out.
7. Prescriptions should be covered by all plans, with caps on out of pocket costs at $1200 annually.
8. I believe that public servants should have the same coverage as the general public, no better/no worse.
9. Any plan should be fully tax deductible and a maximum cost per person should be $3600 per year for adults and $1800 for children.
10. Lastly I believe providing access to health care is a moral obligation of our country's leadership and we need to put down political walls and get this done!!!


  1. I agree with you but wonder about the children of illegal immigrants who were not born in the US. Their parents made the choice to come here and they are the ones who should suffer the consequences of their actions not innocent children. Thoughts?

  2. It is quite a conundrum, but as I consider this situation I feel that all children should be covered regardless until age 18. Although this raises a conflict with my beliefs on immigration which I will address in the coming days. With that said, I believe that there should be penalties for the parents that are not here legally and do understand that this indirectly, or in some cases directly affects the children.

  3. Sorry dear husband of mine but I do not agree on this one - children should not suffer the consequences of their parent's decisions - they have no voice in the matter! I know that children will always have to live with the consequences of what their parents choose to do but in terms of health care and education we can actually make a positive impact on their lives. I'd be interested to hear what you think about this